The UK Playing Fee is revising on-line rules, WPT is focusing on Asia with the cellular app and China is getting robust on cross-border gambling


The UK Gambling Commission carried out a review of the Gambling Act 2005 to protect the most vulnerable. The regulatory organization wants to work with the providers to make online games safer and ultimately prevent predatory behavior.

By: Mark Patrickson

New rules published on Tuesday whipped at slot machines especially during Mostly leave online poker undisturbed.

The UKGC released data showing that slot machine game accounts matter as much as 70% of all online gambling activity in the UK. Since gambling generally received negative views in the media, it was high time providers did so forced to curb some of their slots games Protect addicts.

Updated registrations include the following changes:

  • At least 2.5 seconds between turns

  • The autoplay function is now blocked

  • Session gains / losses must be clearly visible during the game

  • A prize that is worth less than the value of a player's losses cannot be represented as a "win".

  • Withdrawals cannot be reversed

The last point is the only regulatory change that affects online poker players.

All that helps problem gamblers is a positive change However, we hope the UKGC doesn't go as far as the Spanish government in banning most advertising.

The football league in Great Britain relies heavily on sponsorship money from betting companies. In the Premier League, this is close 50% from clubs, while in lower leagues this number increases 70%.

Unibet vows to protect gambling addicts

Related group, Owner of UnibetI swore Cut out all income from gambling addicts by 2023. The management team will now include this information in the financial reports Make sure that players with bad gaming habits are better protected.

It is believed that this is the one This is the first time a gaming company has taken such a step Distinguish between winnings from high and low risk players.

In our opinion, this is good news, because the sooner providers are willing to govern themselves in this way, the better More governments will stand ready to give the industry an easier ride.

Responsible gambling is a topic we have all heard a lot about lately. Hopefully as many providers as possible will hop on this train, showing us all in the best possible light as we strive to help those who gamble in harmful ways.

WPT targets the Asian market

The World Poker Tour worked with Poker King– Who is sponsoring? Phil Ivey and Tom Durrrr Dwan– to Asian mobile gamers during the WPT Spring Festivalruns until February 22nd.

The mobile-only series has 13 events planned with a decent $ 1.85 million available in guarantees. Only Poker King customers in Asia can take part in the festival, which is a fantastic way for recreational gamblers to experience a big promoter like the WPT.

Poker King said they currently have 1.2 million customers registered with them. This is a good size pool of players to launch the first major mobile-only series in the region.

We keep our fingers crossed that another poker boom is coming from Asia, so maybe there will be a new generation of mobile players after all.

China is resisting cross-border gambling

It's been a couple of years since then The Chinese government targeted overseas gambling businesses Target audience of Chinese citizens. It's no secret that the Chinese love to gamble, and many cities around the world have stepped up efforts to take full advantage of this.

The Chinese government is now fighting hard to end what they are seeing predatory behaviorand even went so far as to blacklist goals.

JP Morgans DS Kim, Derek Choi and Jeremy An said: “This seems to us to be a continuation of his efforts to curb illegal gambling overseas (e.g. proxy betting, video streaming and online casinos among others) and illegal cross-border capital flows since last year, which in the last few months were significantly strengthened. At present it is difficult to know exactly how the government will limit and what this means by "black listing". However, we suspect that capital flows through underground banks and agents, as well as the boosting of these overseas markets through junkets, will be under scrutiny. "

Last month the Ministry of Public Security of China announced that more than 3,500 cross-border cases were investigated in 2020, resulting in more than 75,000 arrests.

"More than 600 Chinese suspects have been brought back to China from overseas by the Chinese police in cooperation with their counterparts in countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam."

The ministry gave the operators a deadline of April 30, 2021 Stop providing services to Chinese nationals or face criminal prosecution.

Could a futures market for sports betting really take place?

ErisX, a cryptocurrency exchange operator and a lawyer called Jeff Ifrah have thought about the possibility of setting up a futures market for sports betting.

The idea focuses on helping local sports betting, which often face the vast majority of the market and end up on the home team. Since interstate gambling is illegal, bookmakers have no way of protecting themselves. This leaves her open for a seriously bad day at the office when something goes wrong.

It might sound a bit like a cake in the sky to get such an idea off the ground, but ErisX filed a request with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) around christmas that started a 90-day comment period for the investigation.

Gambling futures contracts were indeed banned in 2010, but perhaps some distinction can be made between this new idea and simple old gambling.