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Jake Gordon’s Locks

After a cooldown last week, I really like the board and have a boatload of picks for you.

Cincinnati v UCF (o63)

Points, points, and more points. This will be one of the better early games, and I love what Desmond Ridder & Cincy have been doing.

Clemson (-20, 1H) v Florida State

Clemson just got embarrassed on primetime television — they’ll take their frustrations out on Florida State accordingly with Trevor Lawrence back in the mix.

Indiana (+21) v Ohio State

I believe in Tom Allen and the Hoosiers; they likely won’t win this one, but like Lee Corso likes to say — “Closer than the experts think.”

Florida (-31.5) v Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt simply can’t score in the red zone. I think Florida could double this line and win by 64.

Oklahoma State (+7) v Oklahoma

Bedlam is always fun, and I think Oklahoma State could win this one outright. I’ll take the points to be safe.

Season Record (26-11)

Chase Irle’s Locks

Last week was the roughest one in a while and put me back at .500 on the season. Luckily, the board looks nice this week.

Florida (-31.5) at Vandy

31.5 looks like a lot, and perhaps Florida doesn’t show up to this one, but I’m riding them. Vandy is downright awful, and Florida has all the talent to win by 40+.

Ohio State (-20.5) vs. Indiana

Anytime you have 70% of the public on a 20+ point underdog, something fishy is going on. I’ll ride with the Buckeyes to blow out Indiana.

Arkansas (+2.5) vs. LSU

I don’t think LSU should be favored in any game the rest of the season, so I’m taking the Hogs. They should win outright.

Wisconsin (-7) at Northwestern

Is this a possible letdown game after a big win over Michigan? I don’t really think so. Northwestern shouldn’t catch anybody by surprise, and the Badgers look legit. Lay the points.

Georgia (-25) vs. Mississippi State

I understand why Georgia bettors have started to cool off. They just aren’t that good of a football team. However, they are playing a Mississippi State squad filled with third and fourth string players. Georgia should win this by 30+.

Season Record (18-18)

Blaine Irle’s Locks

Well, well, well. Look who has come crawling back. You want some more winners, don’t you? Was 13-6 over the past two weeks not enough for you? Well, you’re lucky I am generous, and you’re even luckier that I love the board this week. I only ask one thing from you before we start: say, “pretty please may I have some locks with a cherry on top.”

Tulsa (-5.5) vs. Tulane

Thursday night NFL is for the birds, literally. You could spend your Thursday night watching two superstar quarterbacks duke it out for a spot in the playoffs and a shot at the NFC West crown or… you can watch Tulane and Tulsa battle it out for the title of best-colored weather phenomena. I am taking the Golden Hurricanes over the Green Wave in this one by at least a touchdown. At this point, it is clear Tulane’s winning formula entails being able to score a lot of points on their opponents, something Tulsa’s defense won’t be too keen on doing. I know, I know, Tulsa’s defense burned us a few weeks ago, but have faith in the giant golden hurricane in the sky!

Liberty (+3.5) at NC State

Speaking of winning formulas, I think I have found one of my own for picking games this College Football season. It goes something like this:

  • Bet on Liberty
  • If Liberty is the underdog, sprinkle some Moneyline action on there.
  • ????
  • Profit!!!

Coastal Carolina (-5) vs. App State

Now, this is just free money. I am not sure how long Vegas will keep disrespecting my Chants while simultaneously propping up the absolute frauds that are the Appalachian State Mountaineers, but until they stop, we will be hammering Coastal Carolina. What did I tell you last week? App State is 6-1 outright and 1-6 against the spread. THEY. ARE. FRAUDS. The Chanticleers should have won us a nice little bag last week against Troy, but the game got canceled. So let’s double down this week.

Cincy (-6) at UCF

This game is an eerily similar situation to the App State vs. CCU game. UCF has dominated the American conference for a long time, and it’s the one team in that conference the public is used to seeing bully other teams, cover spreads, and compete with power five schools. Here’s the thing, though; UCF is no longer that team, and Cincinnati has stepped into that role in the American conference. The exact same thing is happening over in the Sun Belt with App State and Coastal Carolina. Don’t be a fool; take the Bearcats by a touchdown as well.

Wisconsin (-7) at Northwestern

Last week I told you all that Northwestern is legitimately good, and Wisconsin has a shot at competing for the Big Ten title with Graham Mertz under center. This week those two statements remain true, but Wisconsin is just the better football team. It also helps that a day game at Northwestern is the least intimidating atmosphere in power five football.

Iowa (-2.5) at Penn State

I mean, Penn State is just bad, and Iowa has looked better and better with every game this season. If you are worried about 2.5 points, then take the Hawkeyes money line, but as you know, I don’t flinch. I would hope you don’t either. Besides, we are family.

Purdue (-1) at Minnesota 

There is a lot to still be figured out this year in the Big Ten, but three things are for certain. Michigan, Minnesota, and Penn State stink! Get rich while it takes a few more weeks for some morons to figure that out too. Purdue showed me enough last Saturday to know that they can hang tough in games.

Rutgers (+10.5) vs. Michigan

On Sunday, when I looked at these games before the lines came out, I wrote in my notes “Rutgers whatever the line is.” Let me tell you, boy do I LOOOVVVEE this line. I love it so much, I think I am going to do something I’ve never done before. Are you ready? Ok, here we go…

Rutgers ML (+275)

That’s right, I am betting on Rutgers to win a game. That’s something I’ve never done and will probably never do again, so join me and the Schianoman on Saturday night. Full Disclaimer: I hate Jim Harbaugh. 

Did someone say bonus parlay? Why not? I know the last two have gotten no action because some games got cancelled, but I feel good about this one. I am calling it the “Everyone must be an idiot but me” parlay (+1200). 4 games, 4 spreads, can’t lose:

Rutgers +7.5, Wisconsin -7, CCU -5.5, Cincy -6

Season Record (14-8)

Turner Skehan’s Locks

After the feds lifted $1,000 out of my pocket via traffic violations, you can be sure I am as focused and committed as ever to taking the book’s money. In order to foster your trust in me, I have to be forthright with you: 2020 has not been the year I was expecting. To say less is to rob you all of the honesty you deserve. However, I enter this week with a renewed resolve, well-studied and prepared to take the book for all they’ve got. In the immortal words of William Shakespeare, “once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”.

Florida vs. Vanderbilt (u68.5)

Florida and Arkansas scored a lot of points last week. That high-scoring contest was very much a product of a close first half. I do not expect to see a close half in this contest. More pitiful than the Florida defense is the anemic Vanderbilt offense. Need I remind you, there is a reason they are a 31 point dog.

LSU vs. Arkansas (o63.5) Unlike in the game above, I expect this one to go over. LSU’s defense is abysmal, and although their offense is definitely lacking the spark it had with Brennan under center, I expect their offense to be more well-adjusted after two consecutive weeks off. Close games are the most fertile grounds for juicy over plays. Consider this Mesopotamia.

Alabama vs. Kentucky o58

Saban has spoken tirelessly about the threats COVID poses to teams. Experience being the premium it is due to COVID, I expect Saban to play as many young cats as early as he can. With the game in hand and a young defense on the field, I expect the Cats to score a meaningless TD or two to sneak into over territory.

USC (-3) vs Utah State

LA isn’t known for good ball, but USC is 2-0 and playing some (relatively) good football. Utah, having not played a game, is going to experience some growing pains. USC wins by 3 or more.

Indiana +21 vs Ohio State

I originally had Wake -4.5 vs. Duke in this spot, but because that game is canceled, and I know my juicy locks are unicorn blood to many of you lifeless gambling addicts, I shall provide you another, potentially juicier, 5U play. Indiana has surprised a lot of folks, playing their way into the top 10 nationally. Although I like OSU to win, Indiana +21 feels like a gift. Gift. You know with a bow? The kind you give your girlfriend after a nasty bender with the boys? Capish?

With this as my send-off lock, who would I be if I didn’t provide you with a motivational quote from Norman Dale, the coach from Indiana’s own, “Hoosiers,” “if you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we’re gonna be winners.” Sorry… wrong quote. Anyway, f**k Norm Dale, we care about the score, and the Hoosiers are covering!!!

For the most daring: IU ML +750


 Season Record (7-10)

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