Sports activities betting, legalized marijuana amongst gadgets which may be in gov’s funds | Information


HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – The governor is set to unveil his budget for the next two fiscal years.

Channel 3 is expecting to learn the details of Gov. Ned Lamont’s budget Wednesday at noon.

Lamont has gone on the record saying he opposes any new taxes on the rich or poor.

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Many lawmakers also said that the pandemic has put so many financial strains on families.

Lamont is expected to support legalized sports betting and recreational marijuana.

In addition to opposition to the so-called mansion tax, he is also against tolls and cuts in education spending.

However, progressive Democrats are pushing for higher taxes on the wealthy.

Some lawmakers are also pushing to bring the lottery online. Last year, the lottery brought in $330 million.

If it passes, community college students could continue to get a free ride through the Pact Program.

Sen. Cathy Osten, who sponsored the bill, believes bringing the lottery online can be a long-term funding source.

“That’s why I’ve been fighting so hard to modernize gaming,” Osten said. “People are doing everything online.”

Connecticut has a $1 billion deficit.

Still, the state is in good shape as far as its surplus and rainy-day fund, which is projected to be about $3.5 billion.

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