Six60’s charity scratchie condemned as ‘focused gambling marketing campaign’ by comic Man Williams


“Often it is the more vulnerable in our communities that are targeted, and they may spend more than they can afford, and it might mean that they’re not able to put food on the table.”

Froude felt that while Six60 appealed to a range of demographics, the scratchie was “certainly targeting young people”, adding that scratchie tickets were “one of the more harmful forms of gambling” due to their instant results.

Meanwhile, the scratchie also drew backlash on social media, with commenters expressing their disappointment on Instant Kiwi’s Facebook page.

“Cool to see young Kiwi musicians supporting NZ’s gambling problems like this. Keep up the good work guys,” one Facebook user sarcastically addressed Six60.

“Yeah, you have talent. But let’s not create an addiction,” wrote another.

“Is that a first? I can’t recall anything like this being done before. It’s pretty disgusting,” one Reddit user wrote on the Aotearoa subreddit.

Six60 themselves have not yet publicly commented on the controversy.