Senator requires a wagering restrict of € 100 to deal with problematic gambling points


A Senator from Fine Gael has asked the government to set a limit of € 100 per bet to address the problem of problem gambling in Ireland.

It is because the Gambling Control Act, which aims to modernize Irish gambling legislation, has not yet been incorporated into the Seanad.

Senator Joe O & # 39; Reilly, Leas-Chathaoirleach (Vice Chairman) of the Seanad, has filed a motion to address the gambling issue in the meantime.

In the Seanad, Mr O'Reilly said, “Gambling ruins more than a life. People chase losses with more gambling and suffer from mood swings and depression.

“It leads to dishonest behavior in people who are otherwise honest, as well as secret and evasive behavior.

“In a Covid context, online gambling has increased. The Paddy Power Organization has officially stated that 77 percent of their profits come from online gambling.

“In this way, up to 10,000 euros per minute are spent in this country. As we speak, 29,000 people in this country have gambling addiction. "

Mr O & # 39; Reilly is now asking for an upper limit of € 100 on any bet as well as statistics showing the harmful effects of gambling such as the warnings on cigarette packets.

He also suggests that a customer who is high on the spending list should be referred to addiction services. He also called for weekly spending to be monitored as well.

He added, “We all know her in our communities and among our friends. Gambling addiction has devastating effects on families and children.

“I support everything that has been said about graduation exam, but what is happening to 29,000 people and their families is terrible. Gambling must be approached with a most radical plan, including in the advertising space identified by Senator Cassells. "