Report: Couple broken Berry Meals Mart slot machine Police / Hearth Information


Police in Rome are investigating an incident at Berry Food Mart on February 6 in which two people reportedly tried to break into a slot machine and set the machine on fire.

According to reports from the Rome Police:

At around 2:40 a.m. on February 6, a man and a woman came into the store and went to the game room. During surveillance recordings, the man blocks his view of the machine while the woman sits in front of it.

The officer said he couldn't see them tampering with the machine, but while they sat there the room filled with smoke and the woman started waving the smoke away from her face.

The rest of the room residents watched as the two and one person stood up to notify the seller. While the clerk looked over the machine, the man took goods from the shelves and put them in his pockets.

The two caused approximately $ 1,500 worth of damage to the machine and stole $ 20 worth of goods.