Poker gamers banned from GGPoker because of new UK Playing Fee legal guidelines


GGPoker has been told to allegedly use new UK gambling affordability tests as an excuse for banning winners, despite the fact that the players in question show they have more than enough money to play …

By: Andrew Burnett

⚠️Warning British players! ⚠️ I contacted @GGPoker about increasing my deposit limits since the new UKGC regulations and they have permanently closed my account. See image. Also ignored my appeal. Great work. 🤡
⚰️RIP frills ⚰️

– dawhiteninja (@whiteninjapoker) January 30, 2021

That was a British professional Andy WoolTake after GG contacted him and explained: "We will no longer accept you as a player at GGPoker.

To explain, they added: “Please understand does not imply any allegation of wrongdoing and the This action was born out of compassion and a sincere desire to help. We don't want anyone to get hurt. "

In response to questions from Phil GalfondWool revealed that he had Documentation provided that “showing more than enough means playing $ 100 average games"He stated that he had" requested deposit limits of 1k day, 5k week, 6k month. "

Wool told CardsChat, "If proof of the monthly income and cash I gave GGPoker is not enough, I really wonder how anyone can play there. That's why I warned the British players. "

GGPoker's obvious goal of attracting professionals hit the headlines last summer. The German mid / high stakes reg. Tobias Duthweiler claimed that he had closed his account and $ 180,000 confiscated as soon as he started winning.

Although the reasoning was different, many players believe it is part of a conscious strategy from GGPoker too Find ways to ban winning players and regs in favor of recreational players which take a lot less money out of the poker room's pockets.

The UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) and their ongoing efforts to implement a new national strategy to reduce gambling damage are the official reason for the GGPoker decisions.

Other operators such as partypoker, get that Thumbs up from Wool for their approach to UKGC's affordability checks on customers.

I did this process with Party Poker about a month or two ago and they were brilliant the way they handled everything. Had no real problems. I don't know if GG is subject to stricter regulations than this. I also don't know the answer to your questions – they are very good.

– dawhiteninja (@whiteninjapoker) January 30, 2021

Other British pros and regs weighed in similar stories from GGPoker making life difficult for themeven though they provide enough information to prove that they have what it takes to play at their desired limits.

  • “Same problems here. I went From a deposit limit of 8,000 per day, 20,000 per week, 50,000 per month to a limit of 200 USD per day. I have has sent all relevant documents to prove my sources of income and proof of funds to still play within those limits You still choose to lock me up ridiculous at 200 a day. "- – Andy "wiisssppppaa" Taylor

  • “Hello, I had a similar experience. The deposit limit is $ 200 / day. I was asked for a raise and couldn't provide a pay slip as I play poker for work. It showed balances> 100,000, they told me Unfortunately it was believed that I haven't been able to afford an increase since then, radio silence from them. ”- – Ryan Hutchison

GGPoker Paul Burke CardsChat explained that the poker room just followed suit "Strictly Safer Gambling Measures" and your "Hyper-vigilant" approach"Could be a cause of frustration for some players."