Party, store occasion, poker match and rave – £ 16,000 Covid fines will likely be imposed in someday within the metropolis


Police fined more than £ 16,000 in a single night when asked to end a birthday party, shop event, student rave and game of poker.

Officials participated in 32 Covid breach incidents overnight, and the third national lockdown handed out a total of £ 16,600 to those who broke the rules.

The bulk of the fines were imposed when police disrupted a large party at the university's accommodation in Birmingham city center.

Around 50 solid fines were issued as night owls, including some who had traveled from London and Newcastle and gathered on the Canalside block.

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Earlier that night a party broke up on Soho Road where shopkeepers set up a sound system and were eating and drinking.

It was also found that some fast food stores still serve customers after 11 p.m.

Cops said they imposed five pound fines overnight, which are usually imposed on organizers of gatherings or violations in restaurants / fast food places.

Around 20 people were also found at a 30th birthday bash at a house in Kingstanding, and 17 men were enjoying a night of poker in a skyscraper. Police said they had fined a total of £ 58 200 on those who break the rules by attending such gatherings.

People gathered in the Canalside Student Block in Birmingham after a 50-person party that violated Covid rules

Inspector Steve Barnes, who was in charge of the operation last night, warned that "people are dying" when he asked people to obey the rules.

He also beat back criticism that the West Midlands Police were using resources to tackle Covid violations rather than "catching criminals."

"We understand that young people are frustrated with not being able to enjoy themselves and I feel their pain, but we have to stick to the rules so we can get back to some sort of normal sooner rather than later," he said.

“People are dying and we have to stop this virus from spreading.

“We hear the criticism that some have voiced of our actions against police restrictions, and we want to focus more than anyone on catching criminals. So my message is clear: stick to the rules and let's do our job of protecting communities and solving crime. "