Oregon breaks state sports activities betting information in January: $ 34.9 million


Oregon doesn't have a large sports betting market, but the state got off to an impressive start into 2021. In January, Oregon saw its highest ever sports betting handle.

The January sports betting handle was $ 34.9 million. Sports betting was launched in Oregon in October 2019.

Current State of Oregon Sports Betting

The January record was significant as the Oregon sports betting market had a few bad months in business. Oregon has had sports betting for almost a year and a half.

Oregon only has one mobile betting platform. This app is called ScoreBoard and is operated by the Oregon Lottery. No other online provider can operate in the state. Oregon also has two retail sportsbooks in the state's tribal casino houses.

University sports bets are not permitted in Oregon on the ScoreBoard app. This regulation, together with a below average and inadequate mobile platform, has restricted the state market. These facts make the January record remarkable.

January sports betting records

The total of $ 34.9 million was the highest in Oregon sports betting history. The total for December was just under $ 27 million, the month-over-month increase was 29.5%.

The January grip was the highest since Oregon launched mobile sports betting in October 2019. Oregon was $ 200,000 below its highest turnover ever. This is a very positive sign for Oregon state betting officials.

Oregon's total sales for 2020 were $ 218.2 million, representing sales of $ 20.1 million. 2020 was the first full year for legal sports betting in Oregon, so year-round data is not available to compare.

Basketball was the highest-stakes sport in January, followed by soccer. These two handles were $ 17.4 and $ 10.3 million, respectively. Soccer ($ 2.5 million), table tennis ($ 1.7 million), and hockey ($ 1.1 million) were the second highest grabs in the state. Oregon was the first state in America to report its January numbers.

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New Oregon House Bill

Oregon has a very limited sports betting market. Governor Kate Brown began changing the current sports betting market in Oregon. It did so by soliciting House Bill 2127's proposal.

House Bill 2127 would make the Oregon Racing Commission the state's new sports betting regulator. This change would increase the number of operators across the state. Bettors would have the option of betting on other betting platforms in addition to the ScoreBoard app.

The ScoreBoard app is a step behind many of the top betting companies in the US. ScoreBoard's monopoly did not force them to improve their product in any way. The ScoreBoard app would still be available in the state, but many bettors would likely turn away from the platform.

In a single platform market, it is very surprising that the grip is increasing massively. That surge in Oregon gave House Bill 2127 a better chance because it shows lawmakers that a bigger market will pay dividends.

ScoreBoard has had too many problems to keep the state bettors happy. There is a desire in Oregon for improved sports betting.