On-line Playing: Rs 104 crore transferred to international corporations | Hyderabad Information


HYDERABAD: Chinese promoters involved in the online gambling racket have transferred at least 104 rupees to foreign companies, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Hyderabad Police found out.
Investigators came across this while investigating the online gambling game where Chinese national Yan Hao was arrested last August. Investigators found that out of 1,100 rupees collected from players, 104 million rupees were carried off to foreign coasts. “The amount was illegally transferred to foreign companies. The final beneficiaries of these Indian companies are Chinese nationals and their companies, "ED officials said in a court filing a few days ago.
Investigators found that the defendants had offered online games like Flash, Rummy, Happy Rummy, Joy Rummy, Stickpool India, Quale, Gcoast, 101 Gold, GGshop and allegedly cheated players by manipulating the game result.
Officials are still trying to find out if some of the e-wallet companies that acted as payment aggregators for illegal Chinese apps were engaged in international hawala activity under the guise of e-commerce and dating apps. The police found that all the websites through which online gambling was organized were hosted by Cloudfare, an American web infrastructure and website security company.
One of the defendants, Deeraj Sarkar, turned to the Supervisory Committee a few days ago and requested that the case be referred to a competent court in Gurugram, as the companies with which he is affiliated have a registered address in Gurugram. The court rejected his petition.