Marijuana Promoting and Playing in Elmhurst?


ELMHURST, IL – Elmhurst's mayoral candidates on Sunday stood ready to re-examine issues such as the city's bans on recreational marijuana sales and video games.

During a League of Women Voters' virtual forum, candidates were asked about pandemic budget constraints and their positions on marijuana sales and video games to help raise the city's income.

In 2019, the city council unanimously voted to ban recreational marijuana shops in Elmhurst. That consensus included all three mayoral candidates in the April 6 election – Michael Bram, Scott Levin and Mark Mulliner.

In 2015 the council voted 11: 3 against allowing video games. Bram and Levin were in the majority while Mulliner was in the minority.

In response to Sunday's question, Bram said he had already indicated in a Facebook Live session last year that he would support bringing the issues of marijuana sales and video games back to the council.

He said his position was not due to budget constraints, but rather because Elmhurst could now review other cities' experience of recreational marijuana sales and video games.

Levin said the city would not accept income from sources that would negatively impact the community and their children.

"While I say no to gambling, we should carefully weigh the experiences of cannabis sales in communities that made this possible and give our residents the opportunity to fully participate in this discussion," Levin said.

Mulliner said the city should consider allowing video games to balance the playing field with surrounding cities that allow it.

"We need to ensure that all businesses in our community and in other communities have a level playing field," said Mulliner.

Mulliner didn't specifically go into recreational marijuana sales.