"Corruption is extra harmful than gambling"


YOUR SAY | "Since gambling is haram, taxes shouldn't go to everyone."

FT PAS rejects reopening the gambling sector

New: PAS, PAS, PAS – nationwide we are not exclusively governed by you, and the entire country is not subject to the Syariah law. We are not just a Muslim country either. It's best to keep reminding yourself about it.

Gambling is something I don't personally support, but I will never impose my views on others who do.

Contrary to what you said, gambling brings benefits in terms of much-needed tax revenue.

Jobs are created through casinos and 4-digit (4D) sales outlets. They have thousands of employees. Most of these employees had a very difficult time due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

You are already dealing with nightclubs and bars that are still not allowed to open, although it is illogical not to. It is a terrible reminder for all of us who believe in freedom that your influence is on that scale.

Gambling addiction is terrible, but only a problem for a small group of people who indulge in it. You can't tare everyone with the same brush.

Protest and objections to corruption and religious hypocrisy would be far more effective.

Eradicating child abuse inflicted in religious schools, addressing drug addiction problems in the Muslim community, and general health issues – kidney disease and type 2 diabetes are a bigger scourge than the effects that gambling can have.

Most of all, stay out of business with non-Muslims.

Flyingeagle: Federal Territories PAS Commissioner Azhar Yahya, you are wrong to say that opening gambling businesses does not benefit the government.

Have you done your research? It provides employment and taxes paid for the salaries and allowances of civil servants, including ministers, MPs, and congregation members.

Yes, I agree with you that there are "dirty" players who don't care much about their families, but these people need to be reprimanded.

Azhar, it looks like you are very concerned about the welfare of the country and the welfare of its people. So why don't you make police reports against the corruption and money laundering that takes place in our midst They must be exterminated.

JustMe: Azhar, if you want to ban gambling and probably alcohol, how is the government going to pay the fat salaries of your pompous cabinet mates?

So please use whatever you have in your head to think before saying anything, or is it just cheap advertising that you crave to make yourself relevant?

If you are so against gambling, you should have the integrity not to accept any salary that is believed to have come from Haram sources.

I think you should lobby the government to have two separate revenue accounts (haram money and "clean" money). Then and only then can you earn some respect from most of us.

FairMalaysian: It is better for PAS not to comment on issues that affect non-Muslims as the general perception is that PAS is far from reality.

There are enough NGOs that consider the well-being of people who do not indulge in religion and politics. Maybe you can comment on this.

Dianakhc: Many people, if they do not have the legal income to gamble, will resort to it illegally, and in the end the government will lose as they cannot collect taxes on it.

Many of the non-essential sectors are injured, really bad, because they have been unable to operate since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Many are doing unlicensed businesses on the side and risk getting caught.

However, all of these ancillary businesses not only add to government revenue through tax collection, but also increase the likelihood that the pandemic will worsen as they are not regulated by the agency through the proper implementation of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Coward: No problem. Let's ban alcohol, gambling and cigarettes altogether. They are all bad, but we need to agree that the government needs to somehow replace tax revenue from them in order for income tax to be collected from more people.

Let's do a test run beforehand. I propose Azhar's constituency as a pioneer.

Although I will prefer that he adopt moral superiority and reject all covenant allocations that come from the source without substitution. But let's admit, his voters are entitled to the money.

So let's replace the federal grants with the expected (lower) tax dollars from the grant projected from a substitute income source.

Iphonezours: PAS may comment or disapprove gambling / 4D draws, but in reality these activities are regulated and legal for non-Muslims, which the government collects taxes from and uses for the development of the country.

PAS makes so much noise about alcohol, gambling, homosexuality, womens clothing and even belittles other people's beliefs, but as usual, it will always be silent about corruption, mismanagement of land assets, child marriage, low educational standards etc.

This clearly shows the hypocrisy of PAS and its ideology is never compatible with multicultural and multireligious Malaysia.

IndigoKite6964: In my opinion, corruption is more destructive than gambling, alcohol and sex trafficking combined. Still, PAS is very calm about corruption.

Even so, they have to prove to the PAS base that they are truly holy and do their Islamic policing.

However, you can only run PAS Muslims and not all citizens of Malaysia. PAS can and should never be allowed to rule and Azhar is proof of that.

I don't subscribe to gambling, but that doesn't mean others can't. So I propose that we vote for the PAS and any PAS affiliated party in the next general election. I just can't stand their hypocrisy.

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