100 years in the past: Playing theft nets seven males | Slip


100 years ago

February 14, 1921: Police and sheriff MPs raided a suspected gambling house in the 902 W. Division, Normal, early Sunday morning. They dragged seven men downtown to court, where they were fined. The whole thing, including the court appearances, ended at 4:45 a.m.

75 years ago

February 14, 1946: The front and back yards of three houses in Atlanta will soon be a playground north of Atlanta High School. Work is slow because of the weather. But by the time the project is complete, all three houses will have moved to lots on Maple Street.

50 years ago

February 14, 1971: Dr. John C. Corbally Jr. was named 13th President of the University of Illinois. He will take over from Dr. David Dodds Henry take over. Corbally, 46, graduated from Syracuse University and Ohio State at the University of I. He is a graduate of Washington and Cal-Berkeley.

25 years ago

February 14, 1996: The Saybrook Village Board has put Police Chief Madeline Nickum on a 30-day administrative vacation. The action appears to focus on a citizen recording a private call on a cordless phone. The state police will conduct the investigation.

Compiled by Jack Keefe; [email protected]